Power In The Voice

Private and Group Singing Lessons in Rainbow Region

Private singing lessons 
$60 1 hr. $30 ½ hr
(private lessons can be financed through barter and trade <3)
(gift vouchers available)

You can also gather some friends together for a series of Group Lessons
$200 for 2 hrs (up to 10 ppl)

For more info phone Peter on 0425 268 771

* Tone Deaf can sing in tune in 12 wks
* Major Vocal Improvement heard in 4 weeks
* Sing with real Beauty and Power guaranteed
* Develop your charisma and confidence
* Explore pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre and cabaret
* Increase your range
* Develop your own sound
* Write your own songs
* Record your voice Areas covered include:
* Vocal Training If you can talk you can sing.
Everybody has a natural voice that can be styled and empowered to create a beautiful sound.
Training will focus on weaknesses because you already have natural vocal strengths.
During development you’ll be given your own specific exercises to suit your own vocal needs.

* Vocal Styling
Vocal styling is arranging your vocal performance into something original and exciting. Through studying the genres of pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre and cabaret you will develop different styles in your voice and phrasing, and crossover to become a multi-faceted performance artist.
* Selling A Song
To excite an audience you have to do something on stage. Instead of being nervous you can sell the song. You will learn specific techniques to get an audience to feel something and to make them respond to your honesty, or outrageousness.
* Writing Songs
During Power in the Voice you will learn fun and easy techniques to write songs and practice composing melodies, creating memorable lyrics and collaborating with other singer/songwriters. Musical Therapy is an established health care profession that uses musical techniques to assist and motivate people towards non-musical goals, addressing physical, psychological, cognitive and social behavioural patterns.
Singing is a powerful bridge between isolation and interaction, and is scientifically proven to:
* release “feel good” endorphins and support healthy immune system function;
* lower cortisol (stress hormone) by as much as 25%; lower blood pressure as much as 5 points; reduce heart rate and improve cardiac output;
* alter brain state, including alpha-theta states associated with healing;
* relax muscle tension and manage pain non-pharmacologically;
* relieve anxiety and reduce stress; ease depression; tap into memories and emotions;
* enhance concentration, vision and clarity; increase awareness of self and environment;
* provide an outlet for expression of feelings; promote body awareness, identity and self-worth.
Peter Lehner’s Singing, Choir, and Theatre workshops are relaxed and fun! He travels Australia to work with homeless, disadvantaged, indigenous and regional communities. Awards include: Universal Peace Federation award, Australia Day Award and SMH “Sydney’s Top 100 Influencial People”. He is a talented singer and songwriter who has performed with Ruby Hunter, the Australian Art Orchestra, Angry Anderson, Normie Rowe, Bunna Lawrie, Shane Howard, Jonathon Welch, Josh Brogan, Powderfinger, Kate Cebrano, Human Nature, Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris, The Divinyls and Julian Clary. “What Peter creates is magic. He brings a group of strangers together and in a short time the community of “new friends” work together in the most joyous and soulful way.”

8 wk group singing courses


8 wednesday nights
coming in February!
630 - 8pm

Bangalow Uniting Church - 7 Station St, Bangalow

$20 x 8 = $160,
or concession $15 x 8 = $120
this is best paid in full week 1 :D

Power in the Voice is an 8 week group singing course which dramatically develops your solo singing voice, self-expression and performance skills.

You, and your friends, will hear and feel improvements in your singing voice in a short time, if you do the homework exercises that Peter gives you.

You share this journey with classmates of diverse levels of ability and experience, creating opportunities to learn and offer peer support, being inspired and empowered by the other students.

During the course, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of vocal music and performers, including pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre and cabaret.

If u can talk then u can sing, because it's the same instrument!
There are simple tricks to learn to be able to sing with beautiful natural tone. During classes, Peter listens to each individual voice, and gives individual homework exercises to do several times a day. If you do this homework, then you will hear changes in your voice and so will your class mates.

Arranging your vocal performance into something original and exciting. Through studying different genres and styles of music you will develop different qualities in your performing skills and phrasing.

To excite an audience, a performer needs to have authenticity and presence on stage.
Instead of being nervous or "looked at", you can develop charisma and performing techniques that invite an audience to feel a response to your honest expression, or outrageousness.

have fun!
become more alive, with passion, excitement and expression
release inhibitions
develop your confidence and charisma
explore your own sound
increase your vocal range
sing confidently, beautifully and powerfully

for more info email or call peter, see contact page 



"Loved doing this course. Have learned soooo much. I recommend it to all. I will certainly be doing more of these powerful workshops. Peter you create such a supportive and safe environment . Thankyou"  Timi Bell

"I have just finished the previous Power in the Voice classes with Peter Lehner. They were wonderful. I learned a lot, strengthened my voice, and learned to sing much better than when I started. I loved hearing the changes in other peoples' voices too, and seeing their confidence grow."  Bobbi Allen

"I've taken Peter's course twice and thoroughly recommend it. The course is such fun. You learn new sills every week. I can't wait for the next one to start!!"   Chris Benaud

 "Thanks so much Pete for bringing out the sassy starlet in me!!! I have really enjoyed having her in my life...." 
Kerrie Ferguson

 "Such a wonderful heart opening challenging fun journey shared with a beautiful group of people ...Thankyou so much Peter for your inspiration ✨"   Lou Doherty

"Thankyou Peter Lehner for the most fabulous 15 weeks of singing adventures.
So much joy with awesome people. Xx❤️😃"   Naomi Dibble

"I cannot wait to do this next course with Peter at Lismore. I did an earlier course and loved every minute of it. Peter is an excellent teacher and I learnt not only how to improve my singing and performance but also about me. The techniques he shares are useful for everything and not only singing. Would not miss this for the world. Fantastic fun once a week."   Kim  McCarthy

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