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Crystal Massage Experience 
with Peter & Jason - Dual Practitioners
Personally Customised Sessions
Solfeggio Frequences Sound
Powerful Energy Healing Crystals
Hawaiian Coconut Oil Lomilomi
Limb Stretch & Meridian Shiatsu
Face, Feet & Hand Reflexology
Essential Oils & Lymphatic Drainage

Soothing Hot Stones
Intuitive Insights


A Gift for your BodyHeartSoul


Gift yourself a
Crystal Massage Experience
with Peter & Jason


Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Meridian Acupressure, Hot Stones, Lymphatic Drainage on a powerful Moldervite & transformative High Vibrational Crystal Grid to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation & raise your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies
to a higher vibration


Experience a wholistic rejuvenating journey like no other, nervous system restoration & bliss. 

DONATION Sliding Scale

$200/180/150 - 2hrs

Contact TEXT 
0425 268 771

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤
Peter & Jason understood some friends cannot afford this asked offering, and so we are most happy to receive other offerings such as time swaps & homemade food & crafty delights.

Mobile - We can come to your chosen sanctuary to save U from driving afterwards

Our Rainforest Studio in Corndale - With a toasty wood fire (benefit of negative ions)

Proven Benefits include..
Pain Relief - “close the pain gate”of muscles, tendons & joints, with varying degrees of pressure, stimulating competing nerve fibers and impeding pain messages to and from the brain

Muscle Tightness Respite - delightful kneading & stretching of muscles and connective tissue bringing muscle tone even at times when U cannot exercise

Release of Toxins in body - repeated gliding strokes carry blood back to the heart, stimulate chi, deeply flushing and increasing lymphatic fluid circulation, ridding the body of toxins and enhancing immunity

Stress Gone - especially if received regularly, a stimulating sedative effect, an overall sense of invigoration and peace, can ‘reprogram’ neurological patterns, emotional armouring, and improve motor-nerve function to organs and muscles

Skin Treat - tens of thousands of nerve endings, sweat glands and small capillaries are all smudged, cleansed and become supple and luminous

I went to see Peter and Jason for a combined Lomi Lomi and Reiki session. That afternoon and evening I was in absolute bliss - my body, spirit and mind were immersed in their flowing hands and healing energies. This was one of the most profound healing experiences I've ever had. As my body was being nurtured and loved, I experienced a deep sense of self acceptance and self love. This has carried through to the next day (and gosh my sleep last night was deep), and I'm sure this state will linger for a longer time. My senses are still heightened, my mind/body still relaxed, my body more supple, skin soft. I feel empowered to face the difficult challenges ahead of me, and I can't thank these healing men enough for being a significant part of that.
- Andrew Batt-Rawden, Composer, Dancer- Sydney

Wow! I received a beautiful lomi lomi and reiki session
from Peter and Jason, what a dynamic duo!!
It started with a check in with where I’m at on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Peter and Jason both explained
their roles and what would happen.

I felt safe and cared for the entire session.
I loved the way their energies danced around me
in a very intuitive and nurturing manner.
The flow of the lomi lomi, hot stones that sank deep into my physical being, essential oils to tantalise my senses, crystals and the energy pouring through from the universe was a whole body experience. I felt seen and my emotional waves were most welcome. Having the reiki at the same time as the lomi lomi
supported different aspects of my healing journey.
They are both very power healers in their own unique ways and this was profoundly evident. It was healing to be supported by the healthy masculine. I highly recommend an unforgettable journey with them.

- Aurore De-Campo - Holistic Body Worker, Dorrougby 

Peter & Jason make a wonderful healing team, they hold safe space so beautifully. Surrender to Peter’s long, strong, intuitive strokes while absorbing Jason’s gentle reiki presence. I totally recommend for an absolute treat for your body, mind & soul. The magical forest house is lush too!
- Adriana Perrin - Teacher fitness & poledancing, Lismore

Peter and Jason ‘s crystal massage experience is a profound healing and deep transformational session. I loved that Peter sat with me before starting to ask what my intention was for the treatment. I also love that on arrival Jason greeted me with a champagne class filled with filtered water with
a crystal in the bottom of the glass! The music was so perfectly aligned with the long, rhythmic, deep, caring strokes of Peter’s lomi lomi which was perfectly matched to the crystal healing magic and words of support and encouragement from Jason, as well as his strong, profound breath work. The whole healing session was one of the most effective treatments I have ever had. Not only did my body benefit from this love, care and attention to my muscles but my entire energy field and so was uplifted and held with so much love, that I floated on cloud 9 for the rest of the day and felt the effects for over a week. I can’t recommend this healing more, if you want a blissful healing for yourself on all levels. I am so grateful for these two amazing practitioners that work so well together with so much love, care & nurturing. Thanks so much Peter and Jason, you make the world a better place. I give the Crystal Massage Experience infinite stars and very very highly recommended you treat yourself

- Mish Songsmith - Musician, Teacher

Had an amazing lomi lomi massage with Peter yesterday, best massage by far, moving so much better today thank you Peter will definitely be returning for another.
Mary Davison - mother, Lismore

Thank you for the beautiful massage Peter! The next day I started juicing and did 12 days. I’m still enjoying juice for breakfasts and some lunches. thanks for the ‘unblocking’. I felt a real shift. Xxx
Rin L'Arbre - Artist, Community Support Worker, Lismore 

The combination of a rhythmic, flowing massage from Peter, with Jason hold the space and doing energetic healing with Reiki and Crystals was deeply nurturing. I felt very safe and trusting in the hands of these two men with very clean energy. The strong presence they held with their combined energy supported me to connect deeply with myself - the place where all healing happens. I was also aware how nourishing it was for my body to be moulded and stroked in Peter’s hands - releasing and relaxing any tensions and  coming sensually alive in my body again - blissful. Thankyou
- Deborah Preston - Founding Director, Painted Earth

Thank you both so much for today, for your compassion and intuition. Such a beautiful experience with beautiful souls. I'm on a higher frequency tonight moving onwards and upwards _
- Michael Macnaught - Father, Knight


Recently I was blessed to receive an awesome massage with healing duo, Peter Lehner and Jason Crilly. Their combined skills, Peter's amazing Lomi Lomi massage with hot stones, and Jason's Reiki and incredible crystal work, create a powerful and potent healing experience. Together they created an incredibly clear space in which I felt held in a really safe place so I could totally let go and absorb the energy of the massage. I was completely blissed out afterwards, and that lasted for a couple of days. A double blessing for sure.
Cleo Sciber - Mother, Massage Therapist,

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Peter and Jason made my birthday so special, the combination of their skilled and professional therapy session left me feeling relaxed, transformed and full of joy.
While Peter used the exquisite pressure of his hands to move the stress and blockages from my tired muscles using Lomi Lomi techniques,
Jason skilfully intuited my bodies needs via the pure healing force of Reiki energy, that he lovingly generated enabling me to gain insights into what my body and soul desired on my healing journey.
Feeling the divine energy flow from both healers simultaneously took me on an insightful and rejuvenating journey.
I highly recommend a session with them to take you on a blissful and nurturing journey of self care and love.

- Nao Dibble - Healer, Disability Support Worker - Brunswick Heads

I had the pleasure of receiving this double deluxe massage experience from Peter and Jason yesterday…in the comfort of my own home which made it even more nurturing . I can truly say it was one of the best body massages/ healings I have ever received . - Rachel Ayland, Bangalow Shoemaker, Elf

I so enjoyed my first experience of Crystal Massage with Pete & Jase. I was totally stressed when I arrived and left on a magical high,  totally relaxed and encouraged to live my best life. I can’t thank you two enough !! - Jenny Leeson, Medical Receptionist, Spryte

I booked a Crystal Massage session with Jason Crilly & Peter Lehner , knowing it was a very long way to travel for me, but felt compelled to do the session with them.  Words don’t really suffice, as the experience was unlike anything I’ve received.

I felt so loved, saged & nourished in the presence of these divine beings, who poured so much into me.

I’ve only felt okay to see female massage therapist for the last decade, so this was such a perfect choice to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m so grateful and feel truly blessed.

Thank you thank you thank you.Pete & Jason for the magic & abundance of love and joy you share … you’re so generous with your love, magic, energy & time - Talitha Mitchell, Tarot Reader/Teacher, Deathwalker, Celebrant, Wonder Woman

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